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Summary of Employee Benefits


  • Paid annual leave: 15 days per year; unused balance rolls over each year
  • Employees may cash out up to 6 weeks of unused annual leave upon leaving AEI
  • Paid sick leave: 12 days per year; unused balance rolls over each year
  • Paid federal holidays: 11 days per year plus the day after Thanksgiving
  • Personal/floating holidays: 3 days per year

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Provider: Aetna Open Choice PPO

  • Employees may enroll in Aetna’s HealthFund Health Savings Account (HSA) linked to a high-deductible health insurance plan
  • Single employee deductible is $2,000; family deductible is $4,000
  • AEI makes a generous yearly contribution to each employee’s HSA ($1,600 for single employees and $3,200 for couples, employee plus child(ren), and families).
  • Unused funds in these accounts can be used for health-related expenses after an employee leaves AEI.
  • Aetna’s HealthFund HSA provides access to a large network of providers, but also offers the freedom to choose out-of-network care with 80 percent coinsurance.
  • Most preventive care measures (in-network) are 100 percent covered; with deductible waived. Examples include: routine adult physical exams/immunizations, well-child exams, eye exams, hearing exams, and gynecological exams.
  • Employees can use Aetna’s website, Aetna Navigator, to check their HSA balance, order member ID cards and print temporary ID cards, review health plan claims status, and search for in-network medical providers.
  • Health insurance coverage may begin as soon as the first official day of employment.
  • Salary reductions for premiums and HSA contributions are all pretax.

AEI Wellness Plan

  • Health coverage includes a Wellness Program that rewards employees for being healthy and active and for seeking preventive care.
  • As part of this program, AEI sponsors various on-site wellness events, including health screenings, fitness assessments, and flu shots.

Dental Insurance Provider: HumanaDental

  • Optional dental insurance is available separate from the health insurance plan and has in-network coverage of 100 percent of preventive services (including cleanings), 90 percent of basic services, and 60 percent of major services.

Flex Spending Accounts

Provider: The Loomis Company

  • Employees who choose not to enroll in Aetna’s HSA may set aside up to $2,400 pretax per year in a Medical Flex Spending Account to spend on approved purchases, including over-the-counter drugs, eyeglasses, vision-correction surgery, dental, and medical expenses and copayments.
  • Dependent-care spending accounts are also available, up to $5,000 pretax per year.

Life and Disability Insurance

Provider: Lincoln Financial Group

  • Life insurance is provided at 150 percent of annual salary, up to $50,000.
  • Disability benefits are paid at 66 ⅔ percent earnings for fulltime employees, up to $10,000 per month

Retirement Plan

Provider: Teacher Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF)

  • AEI’s retirement plan is a defined contribution plan under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Immediate tax deferred annuities are available at the start of the first full month of employment.
  • AEI will contribute up to 12 percent of an employee’s income to his or her retirement plan upon his or her second anniversary at AEI.

Tuition Assistance

  • AEI will provide tuition assistance for courses pertinent to an employee’s position on a case-by-case basis.


  • SmartBenefits® (a pretax benefit): AEI is easily accessible from the red, orange, and blue Metrorail lines.
  • SmartBenefits® is a web-based program whereby employers load the dollar value of employees' Metro transit and/or Metro parking funds electronically onto the employee’s SmarTrip® cards.
  • Employees also have the option of receiving SmartBenefits® vouchers, which they can exchange for fares on the regional transit systems that have not adopted the SmarTrip® fare payment system (VRE, Marc Rail, MTA commuter buses and MetroAccess).
  • Employees may contribute up to $115 for metro funds and $105 for parking funds in pretax dollars every month.
  • Qualified pretax parking in AEI’s on-site underground parking facility.

Other Benefits

  • Free AEI publications, such as books published by the AEI Press, books published by AEI scholars at external presses, monthly Outlooks, newsletters, and conference reports.
  • Access to AEI seminars and conferences, including unique opportunities to participate in numerous staff symposia, staff-only Friday Forums, and AEI’s black-tie Annual Dinner at the National Building Museum.
  • Renowned dining facility featuring the creations of AEI’s in-house gourmet chef.
  • Competitive coed softball team in the Washington Think Tank Softball League and teams fielded in a competitive soccer league.