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Praise for AEI

"I’ve often remarked that working at AEI as a research assistant is equivalent to earning a Master’s degree. Each day and work experience at AEI presented such rich opportunities to learn—about policymaking, politics, and the complex societal and market forces that underlie the most pressing national issues."

—Former AEI Research Assistant

More Praise

"AEI provided me with both a depth and breadth of policy experience. As a research assistant in international health policy, I had the opportunity to substantively engage with issues ranging from pharmaceutical access and innovation to World Health Organization effectiveness: co-authoring a book chapter, researching and writing in-depth policy analyses, and drafting opinion-editorials."

—Former AEI Research Assistant


Why AEI is a great place to work

There are many reasons AEI prides itself on being a great place to work. Read below for just a few.


AEI is a place of big ideas. It employs public policy’s foremost experts, leaders in non-profit management, and bright young professionals just beginning their careers in the realm of policy research. This leads to an intellectually stimulating environment, rich with critical thinking, scholarship, and lively debate. Those interested in public policy will find this the ideal place to work, as employees work side by side with prominent scholars in foreign policy, economics, health care, education, and politics and play a crucial role in AEI’s efforts to put forth innovative ideas and solutions in the policy debate.

Work and Purpose

Not only is AEI’s culture intellectually stimulating, it is also relevant and exists for the public good: to contribute research for a more prosperous, safer, and more democratic nation and world. We accomplish this by remaining rooted in our founding principles of expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise.  All our employees play a part in this mission, whether by researching policy, communicating ideas to the public, or supporting AEI in administration.


Along with interesting, important research, there are many extra perks that go along with being an employee at AEI:

  • Competitive salary and generous merit-based yearly increases
  • A generous benefits package (details here)
  • A gourmet dining room, with a three-course lunch available daily at a nominal cost
  • Free books available from AEI scholars and the AEI Press
  • Numerous opportunities to publish
  • Regular in-office happy hours
  • Access to over 200 public policy events each year
  • A softball team in the DC think-tank league
  • And much more . . .

Location, Location, Location

AEI is located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC, just a few blocks north of the White House and within steps of three lines of Washington’s Metro rail system.

    Cover of Washingtonian Magazine

    AEI was voted by Washingtonian one of 55 great places to work.

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